Hello, and welcome to the site disclaimer. First off, let us point out that everyone involved in construction and maintenance of this site is crazy. Insanity is no excuse in most states, but it's still always worth a try. If you live in a state which actually does take insanity as being a valid excuse, you don't need to read any further -- but we would like you to let us know where you are, because there's a reasonable chance that we might want to move there.

All pictures and text on this website that don't originate with Seanan herself are used with permission, and all copyrights remain with their original owners. Items on the icon and wallpaper pages are intended for general use, although we request that you follow any credit instructions that may be included with the individual items. The forums are obviously less tightly controlled, and are held to the posted forum rules. No, Seanan doesn't get to overrule the moderators. Please don't ask her to.

While this site is not intended to cause offense, please be aware that it references to works of fiction in which people swear, have sex, and even die. Sometimes, it contains actual works of fiction in which people swear, have sex, and even die. Proceed with caution.

Please contact Seanan before reusing any material from this site in a manner not directly stated as okay. (For example: if you want to use an icon, please just credit its original creator, and maybe give us a link. If you want to use one of Seanan's essays for something, please contact her first.)

Thank you.

A number of pages on this site -- most notably the contact page and order forms -- will ask you for personal information. It may be as little as an email address, or as much as your real name and mailing address. Since no one likes junk mail, and we're not absolute bastards, this information won't ever be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to spammers or advertisers or anyone else without express permission. Even with permission, we'd have to think of a good reason.

All precautions to keep sensitive information secure have been taken, and we only ask for that kind of thing for practical reasons; it's hard to write back if you make a comment about the site, or to send you the CD you want to buy, if we can't get in touch.