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Date WrittenTitleChordsDescription
2006-09-11(Archtypically) Rich Fantasy LivesTo the tune of Talis Kimberley's "Archetype Cafe," using the story and themes of Rob Balder and Tom Smith's "Rich Fantasy Lives." Part of the 2006 Pegasus Remix.
2006-08-30A Thousand Ships (Of Fools)A parody of 'A Thousand Ships', by Katy and Ju, to the tune of 'Close Your Eyes,' by Daniel Glasser. I need help. Part of the 2006 Pegasus Remix.
2007-08-30A Thousand Ships, UpliftedA parody of 'A Thousand Ships' by Katy and Ju to the tune of 'Uplift' by Andy Eigel. Part of the 2007 Pegasus Remix.
2008-04-08A vs. EThis song represents yet more Schoolhouse Rock coming out in my music. It also represents my incredible irritation with certain quirks of English. Because I'm just generous that way.
2002-05-29About a GirlLoving someone doesn't make them love you back; never has, and never will. And in the end, that's probably for the best.
2009-04-02AddictsSo true, so true. The Pepsi man knows me by name.
2007-05-22After the FireBecause every space-adventure role-playing game needs an early eighties rock song for its opening theme, yo. No. Really. Anis and Magnus, this one's for you.
2006-10-26AfterlifeKnowing what you want when life is over may help you keep a grasp on what you want out of it now.
2007-06-11Again, Next YearDespite the damage my seasonal monarchs do to one another, they really are in love. This song is yet more proof that I'm going to be Dave Carter when I grow up.
2002-01-18AliceI really shouldn't be left alone with American McGee's Alice. Really, I think there's some sort of a rule. If there's not, there probably ought to be. But I like the song.
2001-05-23All I Can DoI really don't know where this came from; if I did, I'd explain. What I can say is that it was largely written in the SBC women's restroom in San Ramon.
2008-06-04All the New FairiesA possible future filled with rust, caught from a pendant by Chimera Fancies.
2008-09-18All the WhileCoyote is a cunning one, and the choices he makes are his own. Caught from a pendant by Chimera Fancies.
2001-12-03Always DecemberDecember's life has been many things; 'easy' has never been among them. This is the same December as sings the female part in 'River Lies.'
2007-09-04And the Fairy Courts RideMeg Davis's 'Elf Glade' to the tune of Cynthia McQuillan's 'Black Davie's Ride.' Written for the 2007 Pegasus Remix.
2008-06-20Angel of Amphitrite's BayI have a thing for Amphitrite. Here's a paean to her, caught from a pendant by Chimera Fancies.
2007-10-02Another Mad Science Love SongMad scientists in love. Ah, the smell of ozone and roses. This appears on my 2009 album, Red Roses and Dead Things, with the fantastic Tom Smith as my partner in science.
1996-01-01Answers From a LoverThis is one of the older songs I've found (so far), written in response to someone's comment about impossible love stories.
2001-09-13Archeology of TragedyThis was written from a phrase a friend of mine used to describe looking into the Twin Towers the day after 9/11 -- archeology of tragedy.
2006-08-30Archetype Cafe (Looking Glass Remix)A parody of Talis Kimberley's 'Archetype Cafe,' to the tune of Michelle Dockrey's 'Girl That's Never Been.' Yeah. Issues. This was written for the 2006 Pegasus Remix.
2000-10-28Are We There Yet?This was my entry in the OVFF 2000 song-writing contest, 'A License to Drive,' and is from the viewpoint of a character in the animated film Titan A.E.
2000-11-03Ariel's WoodI am, perhaps, too fond of Shakespeare for my own good, and should not go out to rake leaves right after reading The Tempest. Just so it's been said.
2002-01-03Babylon VariationsI love the Babylon rhyme, and all its variations. This was my first Toby Daye song; it's based off the third book, An Artificial Night.
2007-06-29Bad Touch (Two-Heart Remix)This is a parody -- rare for me -- of a song by the Bloodhound Gang, dealing with the sex lives of Time Lords. I was having a day.
2007-07-31Ballad of Allegedly Smith, TheBecause every great big sky full of space-farin' men needs its heroes, its legends, and its men who might be a little bit of both. For Phil. Aren't they all.
2009-02-20Ballad of Jerrika Lang, TheThis was written for my friend Michelle, to celebrate the multiple deaths of a character she played in our tabletop game. I need more hobbies.
2008-09-02Barbie's Dream (One Small) Boat'One Small Boat' to the tune of 'Die Puppen (The Dolls)', by Eva Van Daele-Hunt (Wiest). Written for the 2008 Pegasus Remix.
2008-11-07BargainsCaught in a pendant from Chimera Fancies; another moment in the lives of my seasonal monarchs.
2009-04-11Beyond MidnightThis is a Cinderella that very well might have been, in some traditions. I'm not sure it's an unhappy ending.
2007-11-02Bill's SongA parody of Vixy's lovely 'Mal's Song,' about the fabulous evil clown novel by Mr. Stephen King. Sometimes it's scary inside my head.